Custom Closets in Miami

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Custom closets in Miami

Custom Closets in Miami

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Why it is better to have a custom closet

A closet is literally defined as a wardrobe or a cupboard that is designed to store things. It usually comes with a door or a handle.  By design, the most popular type of closet is a fitted closet that is built into the walls of the house. They’re popular because they take literally no space of the room, even if they are a part of that room. They take the space of the walls. Some closets are also built under stairs or tall places that usually go unused. These closets are called cubby-holes. An attic sometimes acts as a closet too, though it entirely depends on the residents of the house and their lifestyle.

Fun fact: back in 17th century, the word closet was used to mean toilet. Modern day Indian English still uses closet to mean ‘toilet’.

Here are some type of closets:

  • Airing cupboard – a closet with a water heater
  • Broom closet – a closed that stores cleaning items
  • Coat closet – a closet that stores coats, hoodies, clothes and other accessories to protect from the cold or rain.
  • Linen-press closet – a closet that is designed for towels, washcloths, etc.
  • Wardrobe – a very small closet that is designed to store clothes.


And finally, a custom closet. Custom closet is a unique type of closet that is designed to help you – the user – save your inner-self by becoming everything ever wanted it to be. You can put all your custom furniture inside too.

Why choose a custom closet?

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider yourself getting a custom closet for your home or for your office workplace:

1.      Different types of shelving

Shelving is the support system that helps you divide the closet into different sections, or divisions. These are also known as shelves. There are three unique types of shelving systems for custom closets, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

Wire Shelving – The most balanced type of shelving is wire shelving. As the name suggests, wire shelving uses a wire to make different shelves. It is not very difficult to install, but can’t hold much weight.

Woof Shelving – The toughest type of shelving is wood shelving. Though sturdier than wire shelving and can handle more weight, it is more expensive. Considerably more expensive, if you’re living in an area where wood is expensive.

Tube Shelving – The easiest to install shelving is tube shelving. It is basically like a LEGO version of shelving. You should need to combine or move a few pieces and you’re done.

If you order a custom closet, you can choose any of these types of shelving, howsoever you wish.

2.      Is cheaper in the long run

Furniture is one of the many few things that should be carefully thought out before buying. And custom closets are even more difficult to think about. I mean, sure: custom closets may cost more initially, but they are cheaper in the long run. Repairing and mending the broken parts of a custom closet are easier than trying to repair a stock closet.

Plus, you don’t need to go shopping for rare parts if you know what kind of material you designed your closet from.

3.      Look visually more appealing

Custom furniture look more appealing visually. Because they’re customized according to your needs, you can install and modify anything you wish, according to your needs. And we all know that you have excellent design sense.

4.      Can become more spacious

Custom closets are more spacious than normal closets. This is because these closets will fit all the walls and sides of the room you’re placing it in. The more the space, the better for you in the long-run, after all.

5.      It will last longer

Custom closets may last longer than normal stock closets. Just think about it. One of the most factor to consider here is the fact that you can choose what type of material you can use for your closet. Whether it be made from wood, or stone. Heck, if you’re a Minecraft player, you’ll want a diamond closet.

6.      Become popular in the neighborhood

If you’re looking for something that might help you become the coolest family in the neighborhood, look no further. Custom furniture are really special and are custom-built according to your needs. You can then invite your neighbors to your house and flex your modern designs in front of them.

7.      Lets your imagination run wild

In the 21st century, humanity has all the tools that it’ll need to build the closet of your dreams. Want a smart closet that opens and closes to your commands? DONE! Want a closet that will never open unless you say the secret passcode? DONE! Nothing’s impossible in the modern society.


Where to buy Custom Closets?

If you have finally decided that you are going to buy a custom furniture, we have the ultimate destination for you. Introducing Armadi Furniture. Armadi Furniture offers a ton of different closets, each following the same theme: Modern Miami.

Our closets are designed in many shapes, and sizes, but most importantly: our closets are made entirely for you.

Armadi Furniture designs the most beautiful, modern custom closets with plenty storage room for everything. We make use of some of the finest quality wood and our team of experts furnish it smoothly with a stunning finish.

Contact us in Miami to take a look at some of the best custom closets that might be available anywhere in the US.

We assure you that you will be pleased with our services and we have a well experienced team of designers to help you build the best closets for your unique home. Just share the ideas that you have in mind and the experts will assure to convert your imaginations into reality.

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